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Kaleidoscopic Inscape

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Winding sheet dusty light walls appear faint insight
Grove is asleep shattered lanthorns
Wreath of smoke amidst the wreckage unseen
Where you here with me as it all came down?
Where you too blind to see whither the shadows drown?
Sheltered view a distant strife passage through a passing life
Tenebrous face on the floor up-stretching gaze delirious core
Barren mantles of pining sorrow spread their deadening veils as if it was real
Burgeons of doom grow slowly for tomorrow
Poignant existence - swarming worms you feel
Poignant existence - swarming worms you feel
Swaddle your child dead at birth and cherish your illusion forevermore
Our saviour lived so that we may die
Let's stay here like this
It's like many times before
We own nonesuch bliss
Gargoyles grin beside your door
Made of stone and built to last
They stand tall undying
The grotesque shapes from the past closing fast
Born of memories within
Guardians of our present days
This grim dawn of dying
and as I lay my dreams to grave pale and weakened
I'll be thinking of you
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