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Please, Dear Machine

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Please, dear machine
inhale my soul and let it die
Kill my body and take my mind
Come on, come on, oh, give it a try
Make me one of your kind

Init system, init system, init system, starting up
CPU, CPU, CPU, never stop

Please, dear machine
Take me into your realm
Give me wires, e-lec-tricity
Realize my final dream
And turn it into eternity

Interrupt, interrupt, interrupt, loggin in
Alterate, alterate, alterate, loggin out

Please, dear machine
Show me how to be cold
Just be my instructor
I'll always do what I'm told
Let me be your destructor

Extraction, extraction, extraction, compile
Activate, activate, activate, writing file

Please, dear machine
Turn me into steel,
plastic, chips, circuits,
Nothing I want to feel
Just being binary bits

Operate, operate, operate, verify
Execute, execute, execute, finalize
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