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Still on It

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Ya ya ey ya
I'm back motherfuckers ya
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
This sounds like one nigga
I ain't tryna sale 10 million copies nigga
I'm tryna sale a million 10 times nigga
It's another anthem right here nigga
I told you niggas I do this shit
It sounds like an anthem nigga
I do this shit
What you say nigga?

[verse 1]
I told you motherfuckers I'll be right back (chea)
Shooting dice in my hood must of lost 8 stacks
Ain't nothing to a G hop back in my mayback (dammmnnn)
But I'm only riding this 'cause the Chevy's in the shop (ha ha)
5-0-2 with the chrome n seats (I'm so excited)
Ya damn right I can't wait (yeah)
It's my birthday I got big cake (that's right)
Rubic's cube you know we keep them white squares (hey)
Catch me in the e a mill looking for them bucks (bucks)
They pay a 24 I'm on my way with the ducks (yep)
26 inches make you sit up like a truck (naw)
I use to give a damn but I never gave a fuck (that's what's up)

I said that d boy bullshit yeah I'm still on it
I gotta half a brick left do anybody want it
They going for the 10 you can get 'em for the 8
Just holla at you boy when you tryna get straight
I said that d boy bullshit yeah I'm still on it
Think I gotta needle left do anybody want it
They going for the 5 you can get 'em for the 4
We keep it round here just let a nigga know

[verse 2]
I'm on the block all day
With them blocks all day (damn)
Straight splurge up in linen
Should I shop all day (ey)
Shut down champs did the food in product
Ya it's just a white tee but the shoes is Prada (yeah)
I gotta bag full of stones and a pocket full of pills
Call me the X-men keep a pocket full of pills (ey)
Imagine this so much ice and a watch (how much?)
You would of thought time froze (whew)
Welcome to my life ya the first episode
Never miss a beat I gotta mini time code
Still count a quarter mill with my fucking eyes closed (damn)
In one hand behind my back get a fucking blind fold (ey)


[verse 3]
I'm so hot you know niggas ain't cool
The boy get new money like the first day of school
Stay fresh like the first day of class
20 bricks and three choppas sold in one stash
It'll cost ya 40grand and you gotta pay cash
Them blunts burn slow but that paper come fast
The garbage man you fuck niggas so trash
I'm first place you fuck niggas so last
In I'm back to the future fuck niggas so past
I know what you thinkin' that motherfuckers so fast
That boy Young Jeezy I'm suppose to cut
Instead of getting money nigga this how you suppose to look

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