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I Love You

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babygirl you fine
and im glad that you mine
and your my girlfriend

babygirl you fine
and im glad that you mine
and your my girlfriend

babygirl you mine...never shall we split
cause you tha only girl i could see myself with
love is so crazy it make you do thangs
and if you wanna leave. my eyes might rain
tears might shed all because of you
and life aint really real good without you
girl you my boo..my love and my soulmate
take you on dates everything seem so great
love is life..and you my wife
shawty is far from left...man she right
the gorgeous type...dream of her when im sleep
im trapped in love..she got a nigga in deep
shawty so sweet cook breakfast when i wake up
our love is to strong..for us to ever break up
mann she fine..im glad that she mine
if she not present.she problly on my mind
i love you baybee

baby you my soulmate and my bestfriend
i promise imma be with you..girl to tha end
shawty you fine..and love what im seeing
i call you everyday just to make sure you breathing
i love tha winter season..and girl you the reason
god has blessed me..and i aint even sneezing
24/7 our love woud never stop like the clock
lets head to the beach..hold hands while we watch
tha sunset baybee everything seems perfect
diamond rings..red roses she's worth it
she's mine..so fall back niggass
you could have neona i know that you seen her
shawty you mine baby you right
if i aint got you...then theres no point of life
i usually dont do this but baby got me tied to her
she gon ride for me..im gon' ride for her
i love you

shawty you perfect shit in my eyesight you are
you could be my angel..and i'll be your star
lets get the new benz we need a 2 seater car
me and you baby watch our love go far
take her on a trip to the beach
as the sun goes down shawty turn to a freak
kiss her on the cheek man she in love with my lips
i get her so wet..that my tongue might slip
shawty got grip...to my heart
our love is to bright..you could see it in the dark
we like jay and B...like kelis and nas
tha only person who could seperate us is god
she's my gaurdian angel my wings to fly
she wipe my eyez when i seem to cry
she's my one and only and love is life
she's my future wife. and that is right
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