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uhhhhhhhhh badass lil' boy

He's a badass, badass little boy
throwed yung playa slangin candy red toy
He's a badass, badass little boy
throwed yung playa slangin candy red toy
He's a badass, badass little boy
throwed yung playa slangin candy red toy
He's a badass, badass little boy
throwed yung playa slangin candy red toy

haha ain't nobody as bad as me man
I'm a badass little boy haha

[Lil Flex]
Post it up on the corner with more cheese than Ritz
Eatin scrambled eggs and grits,
watchin hoes do splits
Fly bitch with tits, try to fit in my mix
shit you think I'm bad now you should have seen me at 6
at the age of 11, I was breakin into houses
stealin games, pocket change, stickin dick in yo spouses
sellin crack, smokin sacks on a day to day basis
about failed junior high and got kicked out of Hastings
Serve places on the cool, I'm a goddamn fool
Inquiring minds wanna know "why you treat us so cruel"
Cause I'm bad to the bone, I act young but I'm grown
18 with my own home, I'm the king on the throne.
Me and Fee blown tree in the back of the lobby
3 strikes, 2 assults, and a third degree robbery
You heard what they said I'm a badass boy
Southwest in Houton Texas you gotta feel that boy

[Lil Flex]
I walk the halls like malls, I role cigars like stars
when the bell ring for lunch I return to my car
Beep beep goes my pager, 911 must be major
Check my wallet for a condom, that's my bitch, maybe later
should I go and smash her stuff or shoot some hoops at the gym
"Go report to the principle's office" That wasn't me that was him
All lunches I'm there, shiny pieces that glare
my shoes be Nike Air, "I gotta get me a pair"
positioned boppers by lockers, just can't keep comin with them choppers
I rip my dockers, they look gay huh, but I'm the young Betty Crocker
who's bad with 2 pistols? got a mouth full of crystal
runnin from the security guards while they are blowin their whistle
skipped a week of detention and got 3 days suspension
referal read "failure to comply, Flex would not pay attention"
a lot of people say I'm good but I look very sneaky
come here little girl, you seem like the type that'd be freaky

Oh girl look at him, he's a badass boy
watch him slang in the lane with his candy red toy
I bet you've never seen a throwed playa like him
when we together we like Biggie and that girl Lil' Kim
for every badass boy, there's a badass girl
hop in and let me take you on a trip to my world
My name is Cookie, I've never been a rookie
remember back at school me and Flex shootin hookie

[Lil' James]
UH OH Think fast here come Lil' James' badass (awww shit)
Smashin the gas, smokin grass, playin on the Dreamcast
Playin music to confuse but don't choose to blow my fuse
unless you want bad news cause I refuse to loose
When I make my own rules, I'm grabbin my tools
wreckin crews with no clues, I'm a fool on the cool
They stay on the mash, quick to tip right past
leave a splash, break them off showin nothin but ass

I'm a badass nigga that's why they call me Big Tetta
That's why I'm shakin up every puck, cause my Benz is better
Man! I'm slidin past as I go
Sippin on 40's, women tarin off my clothes
Man! Lil' Flex, why they wanna plex?
Standin on the corner and holdin two tits
Badass, badass little boy
Badass, badass little boy
Badass, badass little boy
Who's bad?
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