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Staying Alive

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We don't fuck around, we hit a nigga up with them desert eagles
187 hero Z-Ro, and Fetty Chico
Blooow, I'm a jedi in these ghetto star wars
Now watch your shoes when you stepping, Maybach with the mink floors
Mr. Bossilinie, cut two eye holes in the beanie
But I'm as quickly as pistols, never personal mayn believe me
Throwing boat loads like Bolo, in Enter the Dragon
Walking the ground pants sagging, hit niggaz with black talons
Ghetto smiling, niggaz ain't seen me in a while'n
I'm just trying to survive, just trying to stay alive'n
Bossed out like Boss Hogg, keep bitches in Daisie Dukes
Put slugs in niggaz, why they trying to put up they dukes
So I ain't trying to worry bout, what if they shoot
I pull the super soaker out, and wet up they coupe bloow

Nine to five, I'm staying alive staying alive
It's a full time job, just trying to survive trying to survive
Nine to five, I'm staying alive staying alive
It's a full time job, just trying to surviiiiive

Fuck a nigga fuck a bitch, I'm just concerned about my scratch
And if my trap running low, it's time to whip up another batch
Bag it up and take it to the block, I can't forget my gat
Just in case one of these bitch ass niggaz, decide to jack
Not bragging or nothing, but these hands I gotta lay you flat
Like a tension reliever, you gon stretch out and then relax
Seem like the mo' realer I keep it, the mo' I get stabbed in my back
Y'all niggaz don't see Joseph McVey, y'all niggaz just see a rap
Y'all niggaz don't know how many times, I done went without food
Without shelter without clothing, real poverty is mind blowing
Sleeping outside, can fuck with your pride
In most cases its a decision, whether you gon roll over or ride
Not to mention the pop-po's pull us over, when we standing still
I promise I'll pop this mo'fucker, if I could grab the steel
Be digging these ditches, and dodging bullets from nine to five
That's what it was cuz, Screwed Up Click representing until I die
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