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In The Arms Of Hades

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Black winged demons haunt the dungeons where the moment has no end
Unwept you shall be sent into the endless void of Tartarus
Below in Cimmerian ancient temples your fate you will meet - I foresee
No warmth of dawn can ever break the silence
Of the (coldest) nights down there

Morpheus the son of sleep with mighty wings that make no sound
Invades thy dreams with memories, illusions from the house of Hypnos
The water of Black Acheron doth echo through your mind
From waters you did come and now you shall go
To the waters of Black Acheron!

The seas of sleep hold you in their depth
Distant screams - in Phlegethon there's only death
Among the sons of man move forever
Strange, silent, shadows...

The Foghorn of XAPΩN signs gently to thee
Resist not what is law!
Bite hard thy fare and surrender
To the bringer of woe
The veil of sleep now gently falls and never you forget...
Among your sons move forever, strange, silent shadows
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