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Born Of The Crimson Flame

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Blackened is the sky and demons celebrate this night
Flames await the dark one to be born
His birth has been foretold, the one whose soul is black as coal
Born of crimson flame is to seize the throne

Whimpering and weeping where the crimson flame is kept
Another sacrifice to the majesty of flame
Hooded figures chant: invoke the company of darkness
Virgin flesh below the black athame

Born of the crimson flame

Lightning in the skies, the virgin moans with teary eyes
The pain of carrying the one to Satan born
Now rise the pale full moon and the sun forever sets
One last sunset one final memory of god

Dark across the land the reign of Satan is at hand
Nightmares are releases into the night
Open thee thing eyes the world belongs to thee tonight
Of crimson fire born - chosen one!
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