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Rising from the East, a Giant, cast his shadow over the world
A mighty army, unlike the world had ever seen,
One by one subdued great peoples of antiquity
Nations paid the price of servitude
Surrendered earth and water –
"Live like slave or taste the truth of death"
Blinded by arrogance they cross the Hellespont,
Facing the Phalanx that advances with drums of war!
Ephialtes - traitor! - plodding beneath the oak trees,
Leading - traitor! - the invaders against our men
The army of the Immortals scales the treacherous path,
Ten thousand intruders breaking the silence at dawn
The Immortals advance; a rain of arrows covers the sky
Blood spilled at the dawning of the sun
Three hundred men knowingly sacrifice their lives:
"Hold the ground and fight; we'll meet in Hades by tonight!"
Advances the Phalanx, armed helots cover the wings,
Fought they like wild beasts beneath a scarlet cloak
Psychologically shattered, the Immortals are forced to fight
With whips on their backs against Spartan Might
At the fall of their valiant king Leonidas and news of the betrayal,
The Spartans formed a circle and prepared to die fighting
When swords and spears had broken
Fought they with fists and teeth
Three hundred heroes!
"On you now Sons of Hellas! Free your native land; free your people,
The fanes of your Fathers' Gods and the tombs of your Ancestors. Now you battle for all!"
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