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Destiny Is Sorrow

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Frustrated with fragile mind
The rage binds my eyes
Straining bleeding dry
I reach my demise

Torn by my own screams
From an endless dream
Take another stride toward the dark side
Only fear remains who inflicts the pain
Won't you if I die give me wings to fly

Destiny is sorrow
Walk with me
Your soul will follow

Stories told tortured souls
The pain I fear is drawing near
Misguided lives find their demise
They cannot reach the other side

Destiny is sorrow
Walk with me
Future is hallow

Stagnant tears wandering fears
Sacrifice compromise

Destiny is sorrow
Walk with me
Insane tomorrows

Locked inside my world imprisoned by despair
Destined by the endless rhythms in the air
Sanctuary is never to be revealed
Spiraling down toward the vision so surreal

Take my hand walk with me again
See the light as it fades toward the end
No more time it's time for you to choose
No more endless fears
What more have you to lose

Fragile mind bleeding dry
I see the rage as it binds my eyes

Nothing left for me no more destiny
Fate is looking in and the light is getting dim
What am I to do I leave it up to you
I cannot look inside my fate has been denied

Peaceful strain no more pain
I drift away nothing more to gain
Peering down I never drown
I fade away nothing left to say

I am so lost I can't find my way home
You say a prayer so my soul will not roam

Who reigns who reigns who reigns
Who reigns who reigns who reigns
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