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I. The Land Of Dreams

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Awake, Awake, My Little Boy!
Thou Wast Thy Mother's Only Joy;
Why Dost Thou Weep In Thy Gentle Sleep? Awake! Thy Father Does Thee Keep.

' O, What Land Is The Land Of Dreams?
What Are Its Mountains, And What Are Its Streams?
O Father! I Saw My Mother There,
Among The Lilies By Waters Fair. '

' Father, O Father! What Do We Here
In This Land Of Unbelief And Fear?
The Land Of Dreams Is Better Far,
Above The Light Of The Morning Star. '

' Among The Lambs, Clothed In White,
She Walk'd With Her Thomas In Sweet Delight.
I Wept For Joy, Like A Dove I Mourn;
O! When Shall I Again Return? '

Dear Child, I Also By Pleasant Streams
Have Wander'd All Night In The Land Of Dreams;
But Tho' Calm And Warm The Waters Wide,
I Could Not Get To The Other Side.
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