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II. Mindfuckers

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Choose the longest way to reach placid state of your life
You try to find the methods to protect yourselves
Superficially perceiving fundamental laws

Bustly working by your hands and legs
Thought of ignorance increases growth to stalemate
That creates illusion of attained perfection or makes
you useless
From one side to another you're thrown by your fate You're so helpless, you have no time to adapt

Keep on mindfuckers, move, destroy
Keep mindfuckers, blind scum

You envy of men like you and injure 'em
When an opportunity presents itself
Shielding & shielding & defending with fervour
Your shit, piece o' shit, fucked shit ideals

Wisdom of yours works at full speed
But directed only to the one hand
It is your crime against yourselves
And crime 'gainst your generation.
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