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Progress image outward as decline way within
The natural alternation in the living racing
All that you can take is all that you can give
Personality of ignorance, don't you feel this? Yeah!

Psycho-psycho-psycho-psychological test is made for you
Handful of your thoughts is scooped
For the purpose of pathology level analysis
And to make a vaccine of stray idea slavery

All the white is part of all the black
All the black is part of all the white
So complex is what too much simple
So primitively simple is what complicated bright

Everyone has his own mathematics of life
Someone dares to have been where no one never tries
The light of truth can flare up in anyone's eyes
Be honest if you want to make truly pride

Seek for moral purity to become sublime
Perfect your every step to receive appraisal high Choose peace of mind to make decisions right Obliterate your lust for extending delight yeah
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