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Different branches - my fate is carrying me on
I'm destined to find brand-new spaces and it turns me on
I am to open the unknown sensations
To meet useful faces, develop relations
Now I am with you and you are my choice for today

You're so majestic but you are made to be mine
You've come into my world by your exact stride
Gradually grasping by your elegant manners
And presenting to me your sole heaven
Of your affection and tender caress

You - my weakness, you - my treasure
Found among thousand brightest gems
You've come to fill up my sincere futility
And give me to taste your flavoured wine of bliss

With you I wish everything to be so fine
Spreading our wings we will fly long high above
We gently melt in each other
Revelling in the freedom, enjoying one another
As if unruly sea water is soaked up in sea-sand

I'll worry about nothing
My destiny makes all procedures for me
Whatever that happens
You will be my happiness or be gone as a shade

[Solo: Serge Vai Atrocity]

I take your warm palm and hold strong
Clothing you into divine cloud of joy
Into burning hot fierce vortex of passion
We blend getting drunk on the sweet wine of bliss
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