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My eyes are now opened
Blinded by tranquillity
My heart's torn apart
Silence around is choked

This creature yells
Bent over the body
Intoxicated actuality
Dancing madly in the air

Words are now nothing
Acts are makers of this wrong
Insanity's in the fields
Reaping the heavy crop

It mows by scythe of death
It's the usual process
Soil's turned up and fertilized
With pieces of steel and limbs

Hospitals of those who get
Through procedure of hardening
They writhe and explode
With pain and suffering

[Solo: Alex]

Black scorched hands
Grasping again and again
Till they end up moving
And die away forever

No time for senses
This is time to act
A simple plan of situation
Tumbling down like kicked ball

Fruits of lunacy
Excel their creator
It's grown into their minds
Endowing it with fervent zeal
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