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Facebook Fiend

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Oi six what are you doing?
Uh just Facebook man
Yeah right, what are you doing tonight?
Just Facebook man
So you should come out Saturday gonna be sick
Nah got plans ay
Yeah uh what you doing?

[Verse 1]
Yo I'm a mother fucking Facebook fiend
Fuck MySpace it's FB
So if you want someone to talk to befriend me
Yo I got four thousand friends but I'm out for more
And I won't stop until I get another thousand more
I deleted one girl she had a duck face
And this awkward lean that made me wanna smash and chuck plates
I had block this angry nutcase
That's because your status updates are whack as fuck mate.
Why you do that tag?
If you tag me in a pic that ain't mine then I remove that tag
If you know people to add go and SMS them
Cause i find this is the best way to get attention
I don't care about the clubs and events your sending
I just care about the friends your recommending
Yo I wanna sit there all day friend requesting
And if they ask why I blame it on my friend suggestions.

Dear Veronica,
Thank you for accepting my add
No, I don't know you,
But you look pretty cute ay
if your frome melbourne i was just wondering if youd like to get together and have a lime milkshake one time, Cheers babe
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