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Gun Runner

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50 Cent - Gun Runner

(Phone ringing)
Aww man...who the fuck is callin´?..
I don´t even wanna answer this shit...Hello?

(Man on phone)
Whattup nigga it´s Black
remember me from way back?
we used to go to school together
man, I got your number from Heather
she said you sell guns, I got beef I wanna see what you got
and if I like it I´ll cop

Damm nigga, you hot
you talkin´ like you tryin´ to get a nigga knocked
what time is it? man, it´s fuckin´ 4 O´clock
I shouldn´t sell you shit, but Son, meet me on the block
I ain´t got time to waste man, where this nigga at?
I´m in the Brown hooptie, there he go, I see ´em
pullin´ up slow in the BM
I popped my trunk to show him what I´m workin´ wit´,
first I showed him the Teck
I told him Niggas give these shits respect
but you don´t want this, Man
these shits is known to jam
this is a little smaller here,
and a little more common, 9 Millimeter Ruger
16 shots, hollow points will go through ya
and this? this here? this is a 12 gauge Mossburg kid,
two shots and you can wet like half a block
this shit here gets my dick hard,
it´s a Calicko, it holds a Hundred shots
if you can´t kill your beef with this you need to stop
c´mon, pick somethin´ now nigga, you know it´s hot

(Other Man)
Man, stop actin´ like that nigga, just show me what you got

aight, nigga look, I got Two 380´s,
one black, one chrome, and 4 glocks
they all hold 21 shots
look, I done been through all my shit nigga,
so tell me what you want

(Other Man)
(Click clack)
It´s hard to choose man, I think I´ll take ´em a
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