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Final Warning

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Aaliyah ft Ginuwine-Final warning

Oooh who keep calling you
Boy I ain't scared of you
No no you see I got your number
Tell me who you snuck and gave your number to
Oeh you tripping now
Girl quit farcing out
No you can't go jumping to them blue job
It's ringing but it doesn't mean I've been cheating does he

Not right now I'm busy
Call me in the morning Whohoewo
Your telephone's awful busy
They keep calling in the morning Whohoewo
That was you Final warning
Don't call me in the morning Whohoewo

Mmmm who keeps bugging you
Or who's been loving you
Tell me are you Are you that somebody
Or is it you've been loving on somebody else
Ohoewo What the hell you talking bout
And Could you put that finger down
I'm always gonna be that same old G
You leave or you stay with me?
Tell me tell me

Aaliyah: You know you just need to be honest with me
Ginuwine: Yo come in let me talk to you for a second
Aaliyah: No no do you think your playing games you playing games with me
Ginuwine: No I'm not playing games look I'm the same old G
Aaliyah: You know that is not that is not an excuse
Ginuwine: I mean you know how it is You know you just stay by for me you know So listen just give me another chance I promise I'll make it up to you.. I'm sorry aight?
Aaliyah: Are you with me?
Ginuwine: I love you I want you All right? You gonna give me another chance
Aaliyah: Will see
Ginuwine: Let's do this
Aaliyah: hmm

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