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Heaven´s Jail

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f you serve the lord you think to be the dearest friend
'cause the mercy of the shepperd makes
you see the eternal light
in any case you will be saved you won't fear any pain
forever you'll be safe but you've gotta live in

heaven's jail!

you can kill - you'll be forgiven
you can steal - you won't be refused
you can fuck with thousands whores
but a simple repentence
allows you to be refound

that's the reason why the demons left
the golden house
they tried to pick the lock of the gates
of new Jerusalem
they knew the trick of god then they fell into the fire
they are screaming to the human kind:
"try to run away from..."

heaven's jail!

you can rape - you'll be saved
you can peddle - you are excused
you can make the children starve
but a simple repentence
allows you to be refound
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