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Manic Ride

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Board up all your windows
They’re after you and they’ll get you
You can’t stop the world and get off
Get off this manic ride

You know their time is here

To breed their brand of fear

You look into their eyes
And try to be sincere
‘I never meant to hurt you
Please don’t punish me
Save me, save me!

Hooked to a blood-machine
You’re trapped til you stop to breathe
Something has to be done
So you’re digging for bones
Days racing by
A long forgotten thought is falling deep
Time bomb in your head
Guillotine blades are falling in your head
‘What the reason?’ you shout
‘I cannot survive with the whole world on
My back’
You’ve been warned and you know
That no one will refill the hole that’s in
Your head
All your words remain unsaid
Digging digging a hole
They fill it with your bones
You awake from your dreams
And rest in peace
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