Texty písní After The Burial In Dreams TO CARRY YOU AWAY


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Who we are I'll never know, but when we spoke
I knew you well, you knew me well,
You loved me through and through.
I never thought I would watch you leave us,
From a room as a kid I held so close.
I was a son made up of sand,
You were the wind that let me go
I'll say goodbye, so this is goodbye.
But I'm afraid to speak, so with words
I'll tell the story, you meant so much to me.
And like the nights upon nights to come,
I will dream of you, and know that I will see you soon
Give me the strength to carry on,
Tide you are the ocean tide the swells swept you away,
I was a son made of sand, you were the wind that let me go
When ocean tide has risen to high
And the waters have come to carry you away.
Remember I will always be there to sing you to sleep.
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