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I Remain

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How crass you stand before me with
no blood to fuel your fame
How dare you wield such flippancy
without requisite shame
Your very existence becomes my sacred
mission's bane
You bow to kiss my hand
and I ignore ignited flame

How I'm moved to meet you
Untouched I do remain

To some it seems foreign why I
Would steely forge ahead
This land entrusted to me knows
not of hallowed secrets

I'll keep it to myself
While your brave eyes swim in my head
Your charm can not distract me from
the path I'm born to tread

How I'm thrilled to know you
Unaffected I remain
How I've learned to like you
Undeterred I do remain

Less daunting as team
You unlikely king by my side
And me so much better for trusting you

My hand over your heart while you
keep hindrances at bay
Color me surprised by how our union saves the day

How I've grown to need you
As my soldier need fades
How I love to love you
And how I, how I remain

I remain [repeat]


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