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Beautiful show

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Do you like my style (so wild)
Flirting with my fame
Wearing nothing but (a smile)
Yeah I'm driving you insane
Do you like the way (I fly)
With my credit card
I'm a man you can't (deny)
A slam dunk number one
Going all the way
I am a pin-up, babe
I'm not
Build up on a lie
I will show it to ya why
I (ain't) a beautiful show
Ya better watch out, babe
My (heart) is ready to go
You better believe me
You (see) a beautiful show
Can you feel there's something new
You wonder why it's true
Cos I do it all for you...
Irresistible (inside)
That's what you feel, too
I don't want the world (tonight)
All I want is you...

I don't care what the people say
I am going all my way
My world is not a fairy tale
And my soul is not for sale, yeah, yeah, yeah
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