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Stay with me

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Hi girl!
Love is not the game for me
Can't you see
Baby you're the for me...
Cause you don't know – my heart
Can't you feel – baby you're my destiny
Cause you don't know my love
If I give you everythin
There's a place for ma and you
Oh babe we're more, we more than two

Oh daring: stay with me
I'll promise all my heart to (heart you gone)
Oh darling, can't you see
What a real love can do? Oh baby, baby
Stay with me
And maybe it's forever girl (forever girl)
Just close your eyes for me
I'll show you a better world

I miss you so – baby give me one more try
Cause you're the love of my life
Can't let you go – baby I believe I'll fly
Cause our love will survive
You are like a kiss, from a rose
There's a way for us to go
And our love will grow
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