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Twisting the knife

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I watch it trickle from your lips
pearls of ripe ruby
soaking up your head until you want to push through
then the world turns red
and the wine tastes sour
pushing back the hand into the midnight hour

every door is closing behind you
there?s no-one left to come and find you
you?re soaking wet but the fire won?t dry you
I?d like to help you but I can?t stand by
and watch you

twisting the knife
they?ve got you wasting your life
can?t stop you twisting the knife

I?d rather turn out all the lights
then see you looking like this
caress me with your anger
sting me with your kiss
you?ve been pushing too hard
I?ve been trying too long
now I don?t believe I have the will to carry on
we?re taking one step forward then it?s two steps back
I jump the wire but I?m feeling trapped
It?s other people make you insecure
I won?t surrender like I did before
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