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You got me wrong

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Is there something i should know?
it would help if you´d explain what´s going on
could you help me understand
just what it is that you accuse me of
cos from the moment that i wake up
you´re watching every move i make

you got me wrong this time
you got me wrong

has this foolishness a name (who?)
do i have to guess until i get it right
and can anybody play
is there a limit on the floor tonight
because if you have no objections
i´ll get someone to take my place

...and you will never know for sure
who i had stashed behind the bathroom door
i know it´s hard to be right
but you´ll never be wrong any more

has this foolish a name
- keep it to yourself
no hear no see no speak
and nothing´s all you need to know
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