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Be on your guard when you sit in the open places
Because I'm blessed with all the wonders of the sun
When tigers, palmtrees, rattlesnakes unfold their graces
That kind of magic you may get a sunburn from
And there's no better way for us
Than our old sweet ways
And angels burn to dust before the human race
We're giants under a rainbow
We're stranded east of Eden
Sometimes we're crying in the afterglow
In a world of broken toys
How can we live without them
Freedom that is what you are always screaming
It is a scream but more a nightmare than a laugh
Those without faith are liars
Even when they're dreaming
I'd put my faith in God if he knew how to dance
But there's no devil in the darkness
No demon in the skies
Nothing to be afraid of
Cross my heart and hope to die
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