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[Piggy (The lesson of life)]

Piggy went to London town to see what he could get
His piggy hands were itching for a little piggy bet
So he bought up all the houses and shops under the sun
Then lived off all the money that he screwed off everyone

Put money in your pocket, prove that you're the best
And with money in your pocket you can fuck the fucking rest

Piggy made a friend he found in little Granny Grunt
He did everything sh wanted that ruthless little cunt
So he stole her house before she died, in the ground she lay
She didn't need the cash where she was going anyway

His little piggy eyes were watching for all had turned to gold
And if you didn't pay the Pig then you were left out in the cold
But Piggy he got fatter and then ran out of luck
Poor Piggy died of a heart attack and no-one gave a fuck
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