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Beware Of The Madman

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Run through the kitchen run through the bedroom
Through the hall... through your mind
No reservation or creation no animation of any kind...

I'll call you maybe - beware - things are getting hazy - beware

Out of the window to the people... out of breath and out of time
So close the window, close the door, close your head then close your mind

I'll call you maybe... but your never home but I'm going crazy

Tiptoeing softly through the meadow, through the city, through the grime
Picking up the daisies being lazy, being twisted, being blind

I'll call you maybe my head is crazy

Turn to religion and condition, with transition and the wine
Lost in your body, in your head, in your dreams, lost in your mind

I'll call you maybe... but your never home don't call me crazy

Look out your window, smell the colours, see the wind, taste the air

I am happy... I am sad... please forgive me... I am mad

I'll call you maybe... now I am crazy

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
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