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Self Harm

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I went upon a journey, where the animals were small
I took with me a hammer just to prove that I was tall
I came across a preacher
Who just looked at me with eyes that could not see
And in his dying breath he spat at me and called me anarchy

Now you are leaving... now you are walking out on me
You are believing... your life is better without me

Hey brother razor blade... I need you once again
I run mu finger down your edge to see if I feel pain
Pretty pictures on my arms...
Picture of the days when I was young...
But the pictures are just scars... The only thing thats ever real

Now you are leaving... you are walking out on me
Just like the others... you think you're better without me

I self harm

Now I am cutting... I feel the ripping in my flesh
Now I am bleeding... I am satisfied I am content...

I go to sleep
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