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(Anybody Killa)
Retalition is a must
Watch your back
Stay on que
Shoulda never fucked with us
Now you got me after you
Devious and beady eyes
Quick to jump and take your life
What the hell you think this is?
Ain't no way you walkin' by
If you see them
Let them know
Just how far you lettin' shit go
You fuckin with some OG
Detroit weirdos
We bombin' on who ever dirty situation chasin'
and makin' you fuckin' bleed
Put you on a permanent vacation
Hammertime on your face with my right boot
For loose river dance
Do the jit into a spongy spit
My homies Twiztid got you listed
Have you all hemmed up like
"What the fuck is this?"
We bigger than you thought
The whole crew be representin'
Pistol whippin all haters
Have em twitchin' and flippin'
Beat em down
Call up all the fellas
We been known in the hood
As some eye ball swellers

(Chorus 4x)
Hunt em down
Get em where it hurts

(Monoxide Child)
I'm in the back with the windows cracked
I heard shots
Somebody on the side of me
Bitch I ain't Pac
Give me a second to shoot back
and I just happened to be smokin' a blunt
and got the hops on my lap
Now I'm pullin' up behind you
Steady trying to hide out in traffic
But you know that I'mma find you
Blindside you
Scared to death
Keep shootin' till the burned and fallin' skin on his chest
God bless the dead
Go against me and you'll rest up in a bed
With a hole in the head
Don't fuck with me
It ain't worth your life
It ain't worth watchin' your moms die tonight
If you start it I'mma finish it
Diminish it to nothin' but rubble
and you just opened a trunk of some trouble
It's Monoxide, a killer
Roll it up and relax
Retaliatin' on you bitches
Watch your back

(Chorus 4x)
Hunt em down
Get em where it hurts

(Jamie Madrox)
Ain't nobody playin' bitch
This ain't no motherfuckin' game
You fuck with ours
You ain't never gonna be the same again
Leave you chillin' in a wheel chair
K chopped your legs from knee down
Now who you gon' see now?
You touch ours
Get touched back with force
Anywhere you at it's on, of course
We don't sleep at all
Give all my homies a call
Everybody in your crew is sure to fall
Sho 'Nuff!
Retalition in effect
Fuck with ABK and my brother
You get a rusty shovel all up in your neck
Use the same weapon to bury that ass in the ground
So don't play hard
Put your piece down
or get peaced out
Don't be staring like you gonna do shit
Without your weapon and your mouth
Bitch you're useless
My crew gets pissed the fuck off
At all these mediocre thugs
Claimin' to be hard
When they soft

(Chorus 4x)
Hunt em down
Get em where it hurts

You ever think about Death?
You ever look Death in his eyes?
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