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10.000 Devils

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The struggle you keep within
Pleading not guilty in a world of sin
The voices inside your head
Forever you're chained to the living dead

When the night takes over
And the walls are closing in
You are back in your dirty hole

The dialog you keep within
Possessed by the world of original sin
The empty feeling inside
Forever in debt to the lie of lies

And it feels like the world is ending
And your mind is a torture chamber
It feels like the world is crumbling
And you life is like a train wreck
(And your life is like a screaming,
Bloody, living train wreck)

10.000 devils are pulling you under
10.000 devils are up from below
10.000 devils the spell you are under
10.000 devils screaming words you don't know

The innocence you hide within
Soul searching demon, oh! The place you've been
The ice cold feeling inside
Your mind is a storm only waiting to die
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