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The Stranger from Within

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He's a stranger I don't know where he's coming from
is he a danger to me or just another man
he knows magic or maybe he's a charlatan
is it a sly trick he plays does he have a plan

He said he came from a world beyond my dreams
from the depths of my mind
he said he'd burn like star and disappear
but leave his spirit behind

He's a stranger a man with a destiny
a rearranger of fate a changer of lives
they will erase him for they are all afraid of him
they're gonna trace him and then cause him to die

He said he'd cure me I do not have to die
I hold my fate in my hands
he said he'd always be there everytime I'd cry
one day I would understand

He was a stranger they shot him and now he's dead
I'm out of danger he lives on inside my head
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