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Suck It Up

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When I see you there facing your rival
To everyone it's clear you're in denial
And now it's come to this
I thought it never would
Now I see you here facing your rival
You're stuck

Elimination time pending survival
When it comes to pricks
you take the title
You'll have to suck it up
Suck it up!
Don't you look at me,
I'm not your rival
Just stop!

You're faking
You're faking it

You find yourself in the same situation
When will you learn to avoid mutilation
You've missed again,
and there's no telling when you will
recover from this one, it's a big deal
Dead inside is a minor understatement
More like guts scraped
on the edge of the pavement
Tiny words, tiny thoughts
things that make you fear
You play dead,
but we know that you're faking it

You're faking
You're faking it
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