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I am the wind that tears your sails
The broken cross rejecting nails
I am the holy crucified
Yet sinful are my lusts and pride - I
I am ashes I am dust
I`m always held within disgust
Don`t follow me for I mislead
Yet all these words you never heed - I
I`m the junkie with a gun
Pushing people`s opium
Floating round the universe
I`m driving in my cosmic hearse
I`m intrusion I defy
I am immortal, never die
I am to take you hell and back
The one to break you on the rack
Suffer torment anguish pain
I`ll violate all your domains
I am lies and I am truth
I am the portent, I am youth - I
I am the future and the past
Except the now which cannot last
I am Death Church, I am peace
Yet never granting sweet release
My betrayal burns your pain
For I beget you, you become me
You are, betrayed
Yet you still want to play the game
You`re victim, you`ll expire
Feeding life and all desire
Your life, your pain
Searching for your eternal gain
Flesh is weak, but still it calls
You who makes your own flesh crawl
Covet, your soul
You will never have your own
Thoughts betray and falsify
Now You see that I am I
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