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The Naglfar Saga: Mother Hel

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Oh Mother Hel, I’m standing here
A man of fear and sorrow
I’m on my knees in front of you
To plead for mercy,
Mother Hel, I lived my life
In a fatal way of darkness
Forgive my soul and set me free

I lived my life in a malicious way
Hate and grudge were my constant companions
Now I regret what I have done
I beg you to spare my soul

All my sins are coming back to me
All my doings brought me to the abyss
Now I realize my faults
Oh, grand goddess, please forgive me

Warrior, the golden hall is out of reach for you
Your soul is doomed, for you there is no rescue
Valhalla is reserved for the worthy men,
So I’ll send you to the abyss again
As an undead, will-less body


I will send you on board of the Nail-Ship
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