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Neon Sky

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There's the neon sky, that I know so well
There's the smokey room, where I chose to dwell
Though I hear your heart, many miles away
The neon sky, tells me I must stay

Through the windy field, of another land
I have seen your face, girl, I have held your hand
Though I should be there, with you there today
The neon sky knows that I must stay

Cause the devil's red, but his money is green
That's where I'm from, oh, that's where I've been

On a dusty stage, many years ago,
I chose my road, still I hope you know
That there'll come a day with the neon sky
When we'll walk into the sun, you and I

Yes now he calls, beckons unto me
From the empty hall, from the galleries
And so I must go, leave you here today
Cause the neon sky orders me away
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