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Jody Girl

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Jody Girl, Jody Girl, Spend your time today
Watchin' clocks, spin the hours away
Jody girl, you know the world
Goin' round all day
Thinkin' back
To the things you used to say

Didn't he put you on a pedastal
When first you met
Sure was some honeymoon
Ain't it hard to forget

Now whatever happened to that crazy boy
With the love light in his eye
Used to bring you flowers every day

Now you sit here
On a cloudy afternoon
Watchin' the soap opera on the tv
An your old man's workin'
And your kids are out playin'
And you ain't feelin' too free

You keep thinkin' back
Thinkin' back to high school
Those high school days
All the wild wild wild good times you had
All the boyfriends,
Boyfriends knockin' at your door
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