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Highway Child

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I wasn't born lookin' back, I can't tell white from black
Kesey next to me now darling, straighter than a railroad track
I've been so high, my mind was dry
I rent it out to farmers on the midnight ride
That ain't all
I ain't even got me a congressman I can call
All right
I seen 'em dumpin' garbage, in my rivers and lakes
I seen 'em send up John Sinclair, you know
Two joints is all it takes
Then suddenly I was in a tree
And dogs were barking up at me
can't you see
I'm so damn apethetic, I can't believe I'm free

As the senator he signs the bills you know
And he's telling us which way we have to go
Think it's time we got together and declared
When you see them coming and you get so scared

Rain is falling down, but you know I'm feeling fine
I think I'll watch the tv set, let America steal my mind
But you know I'm cool, Momma had a rule
She didn't raise no fool to be true to someone else
I'm runnin' down that highway child
I'm gonna be myself
Highway child
Highway child
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