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Overseer Fixation

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The dreamer of madness.
The life long parasite; Acidic and prolonged,
Our future overseer dissimulation leads us to succession.
Overseer; Liberation; Ironic recapitulate.
Overseer; Incarnate; Hack into our minds.
Overseer; Incarnate; The dreamer of madness.
Show us heartfelt accusations.
A keyhole to my eyes life long parasite.
Light my world inside.
World inside so pure.
Recoil from our luminosity of the morality of man.
Starve the mind inside.
Wretched and strangled lies our fallen son.
Hovering over our physical existence this dream-like state points the finger to the blindness of our minds.
Will you fulfill your forbidding enslavement?
This is the strive for an insurgent.
Overseer; Liberation; Awaken.
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