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The Ubiquitous Pillar

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Self serving pain. Self morphing future. The founder of a decade of hate and
rust kingdom. An overdose of the ultimate light in his realm of reality.

The world watches him dream. Declared immoral. Infected with lies. Chained down
to his fantasy island. He regains control of the master of space. Cells
separating and reforming in the shape of a beetle.

"Pyramid, and pillar, our subject. Dreamer. Becomes his fair warning
of civil demesionia. With the chains in his grip, he strangles the will of the
sane. Separate our mind and soul while distorting the mathematics of our
genetics. Billions desecrated and scattered into unimaginable locations with
this emerged source of this "dreamers" power. Diced from the perspective of the
eyeless. The multidimension war of experimental freedom continues."
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