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Fun Factory - Don't Go Away

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Don't go away, please stay by my side
Just hold me tight
I wanna be with you tonight
Don't go away and show me your love
You bring me joy
You are the center of my life

Uuooh, uuoooh ...

Oh Darling you, you drive me crazy
And I don't know what to do
I lose control
I want to be your fulltime lover
And no matter where you are
I wanna be with you

Hey! Don't go away, don't go away
Hey! Know what you say
Just another day
Hey! You save my time
And a lot of sunshine
Well this is the trick
And everybody feeling fine
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What time what time is it now?
We don't care
We enjoy the summer
And the love that we share
We want you, yes, you, by our side


You know that you're my only lover
And I hope that I am your,
your only one, too
You said that there,
there is no other
And now I'm sitting here like a fool

Hey! Just take it slow,
just take it slow
Hoh! Nowhere to running
Nowhere to go
Hey! Enjoy the party
With the rest of the crew
'Cause what we do, we do it for you
Don't stand around, come
on, just kick it
'Cause when we're in the house
You know we're getting wicked
Let's have a party
'Cause we love you so

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