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Black Eyes

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Every night outside my window, she is there
A frozen shadow in the street
Surrounded by silence and unspoken terror
Hell on high heels

Demonic hunger, a mistress from the grave
Welcome, she smiles
The poisoned smell of her sexuality
Says love me to death

I can't resist the fear
Her deadly demands
Desires of the flesh
what she commands

I cannot move, I cannot run,
Hypnotized like a fool
Eyes of floating coal and dancing firelight
Oh, hell's own delight

She has got me engulfed by her nature
A slave under her will
In her grasp she is boiling my blood
In for the kill

Black eyes, the crystals of fire
are calling my soul
Black eyes, the burning desire
is taking control

Oh no, what can I do. Can't resist...
those black eyes
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