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Fulfill your days of misery and let grim stream convey
Chokin' waves of agony, collapses will to live away
No one heard your scream, didn't saw you among them anyway
Suffer to very last breath, yearning for sweet embrace of grave
Bury the unborn dreams, loose chains that held the light
The cunning lust for power, soon they will all bleed
From dust to dust, end of your mortal path
Black clouds welcomes, the holder of holy wrath

Close your eyes, lay down for the last time
Shelter of night, crowns the new divine
Leave this world to rule tomorrow

Devastation – for their world as they saw it
Population – shed contrition while they're crawling
Destination – to become the risen one
Reincarnation – your time has come!

Looking them now above, unleash a stable fire
Eternal grandeur aeon, remembrance of past has died
Claim your revenge, payback their sins
Torn apart the temples, crush false heroes and kings
Wash away the dying nation, let the new dawn begin
Now you are the only one, son of the blood red sun
See your shadows move away, ahead of the first day
They all confess you now, reincarnated...
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