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Feared by dawn

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Far too long I've awaited this rainy day.
That can wash away the pain I feel?
Among those memories I bury all my inner thoughts.
And I'm safe from your world, too real.
How can you be so cruel, blaming me like a fool, a thief in darkness?
I know that this is the end, there's no need to release that force so shapeless.

My heart can be cold, that's what you have told, so many years ago.
No reasons to stay, one reason to go, this is your game, my overdose.
Christened by fire, feared by dawn, feel the end of our time, dark hues in our future.
There's no space in this world for us both, don't know where I should go, but I send you away, in the cold.

Do you still think we could live in peace again?
No past in our minds, no fears.
I believe that we would make those same mistakes.
And again blaming me, with tears.
Finally I am free, are you blind, can't you see where this road begins?
You know that this is the end, there's no need to return and live that life again.
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