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Yummy, Feat. Too $hort

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[Chorus: Chelo]
You so yummy
Girl, you so yummy
You look yummy
You look so yummy
You so yummy
Yum, yummy, yummy, yum, yummy

[Verse 1: Chelo]
Looking at your body got me going loco
Got me feeling hungry, mami, poco a poco
Mocha, chocolate, you smell like cocoa
Chanel on your wrist, girl, I just can't resist
My junto from Havana or Pina Colada
Sweet taste of mofongo, straight up Boriquana
You get that on (???) with la primera
I got it going on with (???) Rivera
Before, I split, you can have some banana
Better peel it now cause I'll be gone manana
I have a little house back in Punta Cana
I wanna
Get it on with you en la cama
What I gotta do to get inside those jeans
Girlie, you'll like you'll be eating your rice and beans
You'll scream, I'll scream, girl, I'll let you lick my ice cream
Whipped cream all over your body, baby, you so

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Too $hort]
Man, she got flavor
The ugly girls
Are gonna hate her
Friendly guys
They wanna save her
I just wanna date her
Take her somewhere, have fun with a player
I ain't no sucker, she don't want me to pay her
My ex-girlfriend
She don't care
I said, "I wanna be with her and I'll see you later"
I'm gone
I'm slightly grown
I make girls melt like ice cream cones
I see you chase her
You wanna taste her
But you gotta wait in line cause I'm on her case, bro
I'm all in her mix
Take her to the house and fall in it quick
I'm Short Dawg
Yeah, I make her give me head
And when I finish, look back at her naked in the bed [2Pac:] ("Oh shit")

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Chelo]
Mera velame que voy a picky English
Pa que vea que mi pica da mucha piquinitis
Your ass looks so bobo-licius
I wanna blow up where it's so delicious
So even if you're saucy like a pasta
I still lick you, I'm a nasty bastard
Later on, we'll hide the kielbasa
Put it in your bum bum at the casa
Chinese, Indian, Puerto Rican
Any kind of take-out will get eaten
Put my hummus on your fallafell
Stick it in a pita, I mix it well
I like that smell, shake that milk, shake it girl
Te quiero estrujar como un papel
Girl, I can't resist when you look so yum-yum
I toss your salad, eat your
"Bum, bum-bum, bum, bum!"


Yummy, yummy-yum
Yummy, yummy-yum

[Too $hort:]
Man, she got flavor
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