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This years thing

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Roll up roll up
The greatest show on earth
Animals clowns freaks misfits contortionists
Fun for all the family

Currently residing in the ’where are they now’ file
All tied up in elastic
Stubborn like weeds they’ve been here all the while
I saw the egis grow
In good working order adjustable spanner
Industry junkies
Regurgitated cabaret under the hammer
They were running the show

Let’s hear it for
This year’s thing
Last year’s thing
Next year’s thing

Step right this way
Thrills chills and spills
Marvel at the daring feats
Pure entertainment

Karaoke sex we can spend the night together
I made a date with elvis
While someone does a runner with the group’s bread and butter
I heard the colonel sing
From a packet of twenty when will they learn
That for one good smoke there’s nineteen that burn
I never saw the strings

Attached to
This year’s thing
Last year’s thing
Next year’s thing

Jump a little higher
Live by fire die by fire
I am the dog in the manger
Or a dodgy brown packet with suspicious-looking wires
Here’s my starter for ten
Behind that pane of glass your special backstage pass
Hear the never-has-been
Meet the manager with his kex down and kiss his arse
And watch what happen again

This time it’s this year’s thing
Last year’s thing
Next year’s thing
Politics is this year’s thing
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