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White Noise

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Blind - Product Of Pride
You Don't Speak For Me
Proud Is What I Am
But I Never Condemn A Man
One Race - No Way
Nightmares Come True These Days
We All Know This Fight Is For Real

Howling Like A Jackal, Begging To Be Heard
Growing Like A Cancer, Beliefs That Fight The World
White Noise
Pain Triggers The Mind
This Pale Solution Lied
Time - The Names Will Change
But Still These Scars Remain
More Lies - More Hate
Your Strength Controls Your Fate
Go Inside - Do You Like What You Find?


Rise - Fight
Wrong - Right
Lost - Sight
Stand - Victim Of Fear
Your Voice Is Screaming Clear
Power Reveals The Need
Addictive Dreams Still Bleed
Instinct - Breaks Through
These Few Can't Hid What's True
This Noise Won't Stop The Way We Feel


When They Cracked The Whip, Nothing Was Said
When The Flames Burned, Nothing Was Said
When They Notched The Barrels, Nothing Was Said
When The Bays Opened, Nothing Was Said
When The Dogs Where Set Loose, Nothing Was Said
When The Colors Run Red, Nothing Was Said
When Innocents Cried In The Face Of The Guilty
No One Said Anything
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