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[Verse 1: Swift]
A loose canon, when they see the strap, they scatter
I got bitches busting out of their clothes like Bruce Banner
I roll thick as Britannicas, niggas push the panic button
Breathing harder than Darth Vader, when I confront em
Stunting in front of your people? I treat that ass like Evil Caneval
Bust every bone in your cerebral, I ?
Don't give a fuck about who you is
I split on your people ??
Can't touch this, pray that I will stop
My Glock have these hoes shaking like Michael J Fox
I'm from Murder (?)
For that dough I find me a pipe to crack heads
Leave 'em bleedin' in the streets
If you can see me leaving the scene with bloody cleats
You can follow these feet and meet me in the alley
There's no hiding and I'mma creep you from behind like Bishop
And I ain't yelling Riverside
A lotta police died
I fucked up (?)
I swarm in their ass like a beehive

[Verse 2: Fuzz Scoota]
Beef when I shot and driving
Tactical vest
We tuck in the guns, we tuck in the knives
And Bizarre snatchin' the kids like 'Fuck it I'm Driving'
Jump on the sidewalk ...

[Verse 3: Bizarre]
Ever since I was a young buck I kept money on the matress....
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