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Death Dont Want You

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It ain't no place to be, trust me
And why is that you ask
Ain't no lights at the end
There's only darkness on my path
Tortured souls fill the realm I call home
Without the Reaper's guidance
To lead them out the dead zone
It's plain and clear
Don't spend eternity here
With others like them
Who took their own life out of fear
Why couldn't they just see that everybody's got a time?
Let the Reaper do his job, man
He's doing just fine.

[Violent J:]
Death don't want me, life is all that I got
Keep me living even if I'm just a head in a box.
Take me outdoors, feed me
Put tits in my face
There's enough reason for me to live in any case
Send me to prison, I'll start pimpin' faggots in there
Cripple my ass, I'm floating spinners on my power chair
I'm Violent J, I could never die anyway
Even when I'm gone all you gotta do is hit play.
I'm Juggalotus.

Death don't want you but the Lotus do
So bring the wicked shit, we gonna bring it too
We like 'Hey'
Lotus Song
We comin' your way
Lotus Song
Death don't want you when the rain is gone
But with your Lotus high, you know we all belong
We like 'Hey'
Lotus Song
We comin' your way
Lotus Song

I wouldn't change a thing, I'm cool with that
Death doesn't want me, so I'm here to relax
There's so many more in this world that feels the same way
Known as the Juggalos, representing family
Not afraid to die, cause death is afraid of us
We're meaner then the devil
But we're someone you can trust
We're used to being shut down
And pushed out the doorway
Death doesn't want us so we're fucking here to stay
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